Tips: Choosing right version of Photoshop

Article By: Kevin Moor
Choosing right version of Photoshop

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Tips for Choosing the Right Version of Photoshop for You

More and more people are utilizing photo editing and image creating software all the time. An increasing number of people are finding that these programs are vital in their line of work. An ever growing group of people are starting to want to use this same sort of software so that they can edit their own family photos and snapshots.
The most popular program for this is Photoshop.  A tool for not only photos but for web design and graphic design as well, Photoshop has become the most well-known of these programs. The name is now synonymous with the act of editing or retouching photos.
As many people want to use Photoshop for personal or commercial purposes, there is a good chance you would like to as well. You may be wondering what version of Photoshop is right for you, and the following tips should help you find out.

Know your options.

Photoshop is not new software, and many versions have come out since the original release. The products available include Photoshop, Photoshop Extended, Photoshop Lightroom and Photoshop Elements. As the products are upgraded, different versions come out. For example, Photoshop and Photoshop Extended are version CS5, and Elements is on version 10.
Each of these versions has different features and are tailored for different people. Photoshop CS5 Extended is geared for design professionals. Photoshop CS5 is advertised as ideal for professional photographers and print designers. Lightroom is billed as ideal for photographers of all levels. Elements is described by Adobe as best for “photo enthusiasts.” Knowing who these programs are for (and who you are) can be a big help in making a choice.

Don’t buy used.

Buying used software is tricky. You need a license to get that software to work, and if the previous owner hasn’t cancelled the license from their machine (or has sold the same license to someone else) your copy won’t work.
This is also why you should only buy this software from reputable sources. There are many people who sell software licenses too often to make a maximum profit; by the time your license no longer works, they are long gone.

Don’t buy if you don’t have to.

Photoshop, particular the higher end versions, can be expensive. Photoshop is available on a subscription basis, and this may be right for you if you only need to use the software for a project for a month or two.

While a subscription plan could offer substantial savings, if you are planning on using Photoshop for an ongoing basis, it may not present any savings. Figure out how long you need to the software for before purchasing.

Additionally, if you are using the software for a very, very short time (or aren’t sure you want to buy), you could take advantage of a free trial. You can have a whole month with the Photoshop product of your choice, getting acquainted with it and getting your work done before spending a cent.

If you are new to Photoshop, buy Elements.
Photoshop Elements lacks some of the power and features that the other versions offer, but it also costs a lot less. Elements is also not designed for professionals, so it can be much easier to use and navigate.
Even if you are planning on using the software for some basic web design or graphics creation, you may not need anything beyond elements. Consider trying Elements first, and if it has everything you need, you may want to stick with that before you take the leap to something more expensive.

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