How to pass php variable value to javascript

Trick:php variable to javascript

This is a short trick on how can you use a php variable in javascript, though php is a server side language and javascipt is client side language.

sublime text 2 zen coding tutorial:code faster

History of gif: 25 years

Ademero Document Management Software Review

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ademero for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

In the business world, a document management system may be necessary in order to manage all the documents for the business. Ademero is one company that provides a complete document management software for businesses of all sizes. Their document management software takes the management of documents into the Web-based world by being able to manage documents directly within any Web browser.

Best Text Editors For Windows

Best Text Editor For WindowsMost Popular Text Editors

In this article, you’ll find three of the most popular text editors for development.

CSS Hat: Turn Photoshop layer to CSS3


Today we are going to look at a tool that takes a design from Photoshop to the web in a click: CSS Hat.

Google Page Rank update 2 Aug 2012

Google PR Update

Check your website's google page rank as google updated the page rank of some websites on 2 Aug 2012.