Best Text Editors For Windows

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In this article, you’ll find three of the most popular text editors for development.

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For creating web applications you need a good text editor which is light weight and fulfills all your basic needs. Whether you’re creating a site from scratch or editing a CSS file - a good, solid text editor will do the trick just fine. So, here is a list of the best programming text editors for Windows.

1. Notepad++

Notepad++ has been around since 2003 for Windows users. Its an upgrade to the default notepad in the windows with a similarity of light weight feature. It was one of the first Windows applications to support multiple tabs within the same window.

Here is a list of special features included in Notepad++ :
1. Supports syntax highlighting and code collapsing. 
2. A built-in FTP browser makes uploading files onto your server effortless. 
3. Split-screen editing, file-compression, and auto-completion.
4. Lot of plugins.
5. Notepad++ is free.

2. SublimeText

SublimeText picks up where Notepad++ leaves off. It is a beautifully designed, powerful, feature-rich text editor built specifically for coding. 
Special features inlcude
1. Syntax highlighting, code collapsing.
2. Supports macros and snippets to automate coding and increase your efficiency.
3. Unlike Notepad++ you can split the screen into columns, grids or rows. 

The only downside of this text editor is its price: at $59, it isn’t cheap.
Besides Windows, SublimeText is also available for OS X and Linux.

3. UltraEdit

UltraEdit prioritizes ease of use and efficiency over any other feature, and the result is a userfriendly, feature-rich text editor that runs blazingly fast with ample support for programmers.
UltraEdit - Programming Text Editor
Built-in FTP support, file comparison, and automation through macros are just a few among its long list of features.
On the price front, a single license costs $59 — the same as the easier-on-the-eye SublimeText.